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At the St James’s Well we are proud to showcase the best B.C. has to offer! We have partnered with local suppliers to offer you the freshest in quality, seasonal products.


Our beef:

Hopcott Meats in Pitt Meadows. Raised naturally without hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The cattle are free range, grass fed, ethically treated. The meat is 28 day dry aged and is amongst the finest in Canada.

Our poultry:

Rossdown farms in Abbotsford. Farm to plate producers; they produce the eggs, raise the chicks, feed and grow the poultry, and process the animal all at their facility, to ensure the best quality and treatment of their livestock.

Hormone-free, free-run, ethically certified.

Our fish:

Oceanwise from B.C.; ensuring that we do our bit to keep our fishing industry afloat while serving the highest quality. If we are out of our seafood items it is because our fisherman have not returned to harbour with their catch!

Our cheese:

artisan cheeses from award-winning Golden Ears Cheese Crafters in Maple Ridge. We also source from the Scardillo company of Burnaby; a family-run operation since 1959 using only Fraser Valley milk for their products.

Our eggs:

since-farm sourced, fresh weekly from “5-little-Acres” of Maple Ridge. Hormone, antibiotic and GMO-free, free-range, ethically raised.

Our breads:

baked fresh for us daily at Cobs, Port Moody; a test-kitchen for all of Cobs Canada.

Our cured meats:

master butcher and original “British Butcher” of North Vancouver Robert Goodrich. Ethically sourced pork.

Our fries:

100% of our all natural French fries, yam fries and fresh-cut crisps *(potato chips) are McCain’s products. A family-owned company & one of the largest supporters of Canadian potato farmers.

Our produce:

Windset Farms supplies all of our greens, tomatoes & peppers year-round. Winners of the “Best HotHouse Tomatoes in the WORLD 2015”.


We are proud to be using

Hopcott Farms beef tallow in our fryers. 

This is key to our ethical menu, preventing over

7000 lbs of  beef  from being wasted every year.


*vegetarian/vegan fries available upon request


“Bidh an t-ubhal as fheàrr air


a’mheangan as àirde.”
“The best apple is on the highest bough.”