Dinner feature January 15-16

St James’s Well


Quality•Authentic•Celtic pub fare



We invite you to sample our feature wines for December:

award-winning sparkling wine from

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

and the bold red wines of Painted Rock Estate



Deviled Irish Eggs   $12
  1. classic: BC smoked salmon & black caviar

  2. BBT: Irish Bacon, fresh Basil pistou & slow roast Tomato

  3. buffalo: infused hot sauce & “Jersey” blue cheese

  4. beef Bourguignon: grilled top sirloin steak, fried mushroom, truffle oil

          … perfect pairing? Summerhill award-winning bubbly;

                   The most awarded sparkling wine in Canada!



Seafood Carbonara      $22

BC Oceanwise cod, mussels & prawns in Perseus Pinot Blanc béchamel *(cream sauce), fresh Pappardelle pasta, black and red caviar garnish

          … decadent with Painted Rock rosé



Scaloppini                   $22

ethically raised pork from Sakura Farms, Chilliwack; pounded thin,flash-fried, with wild rice, mushroom-bacon-truffle sauce, parsley & chive edamame

         … a natural with  Painted Rock Merlot